Colour Poems

Steps to write a poem:

Step 1: Chose a colour

Step 2: Once you have chosen a colour, you have to start the poem

with something that is the colour (Say I choose yellow, I would say

 “Yellow is the colour of the bumble bees”.

Step 3: After that you would rhyme the last word with another word.

For me i would have to rhyme bees with another word. If you are having trouble finding rhyming words a good website is word hippo!

Step 4: I have rhymed bees with see. Then you find a sentence that fits in with the word you chose. (Also what ever you right it must be the colour you chose!) I have chosen ” Or the dead grass I see,”





Cyber safety

I learnt that on snap chat that there is a volt for your photos and someone who is very smart could hack into it and they can see all the photos that people have sent and if you put on a 3 second timer it’s does not go away it goes into the volt and that is how people see your photos, so you have to be cwhat you post.